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Why register as a Pro?

Are you strong at one or multiple skills? Gritmatch makes it easy to reach people (Gritfits) who want to practice with a professional partner (you). Travelling? Why not make some money on the go? Find Gritfits in your temporary location. Even better, Gritfits can also find you – just keep your location updated in profile area.

Be your own boss

With Gritmatch you are in full control of your availability and prices. Your business – your rules. The beauty is you don’t have to quit your day job or other priorities. Do as much or as little as you please. Do it for yourself – enjoy the experience.

Do what you love

You stayed determined, set goals and pushed every personal limit, never giving up until your obsession got you to the top of you skill. The journey isn’t over. Become a coach, challenge you skills in a new way, do what you love and impact someone else’s life in the process.

Supported Skills

Gritmatch Pro - FAQs

Gritmatch supports over 40 skills in 6 main categories, including Dance and flexibility, Endurance and street sports, Ball sports, Water and Winter sports, Mind sports and Music.

Gritmatch Pro - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, once training session is setup, Pro can charge Gritfit the negotiated amount on the spot. Gritmatch does not participate in this transaction and does not take a cut. We help Pros and Gritfits find each other.
Try 30 days of full Gritmatch Pro functionality for free. Easily cancel your subscription at any time during the trial period and your card will not be charged. If you choose to continue, your card will be charged $10 USD/month, until the subscription is cancelled. Note that the pricing and/or trial period may vary, if coupon has been applied. Canadian taxes apply for Canadian accounts.
Trial period begins when profile is fully submitted. For today’s sumbissions, trial period will end on
Login to your profile at any time and cancel subscription in one click. Remember, you have 30 free trial days. Make the most of it and we hope you decide to stay longer.
Gritmatch uses secure payment gateway Stripe to process Gritmatch Pro subscription payments. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year and it is considered to be a global standard for secure online payment processing. Credit card information is not stored on Gritmatch end – it is handled by Stripe.
The Join as a Pro page collects username, email and password. You will be asked to confirm your email address and then granted login access to Profile Builder. There you can submit more information about yourself, such as profile picture, age, availability and price preferences. Subscribe to a free trial and you are good to Go. Enjoy the full functionality Gritmatch has to offer!
The beauty of Gritmatch Pro concept is that it offers you the freedom of teaching as much or as little as you like. The schedule is yours. Have some spare time due to appointment being cancelled/long weekend/Friday night plans went bust? Find Gritfits close to where you live (or travel), book and deliver a training session, get your payment. Oh, and by the way – stay active, do what you love, meet new people, develop coaching and other life skills.
Gritmatch maintains rating system for all Gritfits (and Pros). Similar to how you wouldn’t book a hotel room with poor ratings, you might not want to work with Gritfits, who have less than average score. Also, since you are the person negotiating the price, it’s in your power to add some moderate “risk” markup for Gritfits with poor ratings, if deemed necessary. Your business – your rules.
If your skill requires equipment (rackets, balls, skates), it is up to you and Gritfit to negotiate the details. Your rule may be that Gritfit comes with some equipment. Alternatively, you may provide it for free or for additional fee. Same goes for the venue. Plan where you will offer you sessions. It can be formal – an hour of indoor skating rink is booked for figure skating lesson. Or very informal, where you take your Gritfits to the local park in the winter and skate outside. For Latin dance lessons – why not take the practice to a club that plays good Latin music? Be creative, have fun!
Yes, Gritmatch Pro profile allows you to be searchable by up to three different skills. The upper limit of three skills per Pro serves a purpose. It is extremely difficult (if even possible) to be exceptionally good at many skills at once. In order to be able to effectively teach a skill, Pro has to be exceptionally good at it. The three skills limit is one of the tools we use to ensure teaching quality.
Due to the nature of some skills, there may be a chance of injuries during practice lessons. You may choose to ask Gritfits to sign a release form prior to the lesson, similar to the practice of many sports facilities. Please note that release forms used by Gritmatch during Gritfit and Pro registration process cover only Pro-Gritmatch relationship.
You can check out our longer version of FAQs or feel free to Contact us.